Learn NZSL

NZSL Bites Level One

Fingerspelling Quiz - Name
Food Shopping
Getting Ready for School
How to wrap a present
Let's Wash The Car
Magic Mirror
Peter's Plane
Rainbow Colours
School in the afternoon
Setting up the Christmas Tree
Shapes Game
Signing the Numbers from 1 to 20
Signing the Numbers from 30 to 1000
Weather Report
What I Want for Christmas
What Month is this
What time is it?
Maths Game

NZSL Bites Level Two

A New Puppy
At the Movies
Birthday Planning
Christmas Morning
Deaf Technologies of the Past to Now
Directions to the Deaf Club
Going to Careers Expo
How to make sports Deaf-friendly
House Talk
In the Bakery
Kotuku History
Mother's Day
My Family
New Zealand Sign Language Week
The Grumpy Boy
The Happy Girl
Treaty of Waitangi
Bike Road Safety

NZSL Bites Level Three

An Invitation to a Snowboarding Competition
Bed to Bed
Car Burger Cow
Classroom Commands
Deaf Rugby
Deaf Way
Elephant Game
Fire Drill
History of Communication in Deaf School
How to make a sandwich
New Zealand Seasons
Spin-off NZSL Song!
Snow Farm

Subjects in NZSL


Early Language

Introducing Myself in NZSLNew
Kidsign 1
Kidsign 2 - Animals
Signs for Starters - Part 1
Signs for Starters - Part 2
Signs for Starters - Part 3
Shopping with Paul